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Foreign exchange trading in those you should remember the golden words!

a trad cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg way, just easy to break but the most Yin to soft, before the worlds weakness cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex calculator Online like water, but good as water success, equal to small losses, plus small cashback forex large profits, many times accumulated to do not appear big losses is very simple, to survive as the first principle, when there is a danger of hindering this principle, abandon all other principles because, no matter how many you had in the past, had a 100% excellent performance Now, as long as the loss of a 100%, you will have nothing trading the way, guard the invincible, attack the winnable enemy 1 million loss of 50% will become 500,000, 500,000 value added to 1 million but only if you make a 100% profit every success, only make you take a small step but every failure, but will make you take a big step backwards from the first floor of the Empire State Building to the top floor, it takes an hour but from the In trading, there are always things you dont expect to happen that will make you lose money. The easiest way to find out if you need a stop loss is to ask yourself the question: Assuming you havent established a position by now, are you still willing to buy at this price? If the answer is no, sell immediately and without hesitation. He does not have to be savvier than the cashbackforexcalculatorOnline trend to come, should be, followed by no trend, watch, quiet wait for the trend to finally clear, and then it is not too late to do so will lose a small amount of opportunity, but won the safety of money your goal must be consistent with the market, in line with the market trend if you are consistent with the market, profits will roll in since if you look at the wrong trend, you have to use the old and reliable umbrella - - - stop loss orders this is the trend and the market trend, and the market trend. -stop loss single This is the relationship between the trend and profit manipulation of the two most basic rules for success is: stop loss and hold long on the one hand, cut off losses, control passive on the other hand, profit trend is not finished, it is not easy to get out, to let profits grow fully long market, most stocks can not be afraid to be temporarily set because the next wave up will soon let people unset, or even profit this time, buy the right but also know how to sit still, not moving Regardless of the wind and waves, the key to the way of trading, is to continue to master the advantages of four quick to admit losses, is an important principle in the short market trading when the position suffers losses, do not add code to fight again in the short market, do not lose or even lose is to win more to do more wrong, less to do less wrong, do not do good in an obvious short market, if the fear of suffering small losses and refuse to get out, sooner or later will suffer big Loss a struggling stock in the medium to long-term downtrend, any time to sell is right even if it is sold on the lowest price passively held waiting for its bottom, this view is very dangerous, because it may not even have the bottom five learn to let the funds in batches once the first entry position losses occur, the first principle is not to add the initial loss is often the smallest loss, the correct approach is that it should be directly out of the field If the market continues to be unfavorable to the first entry position, is a poor deal, no matter how high the cost, immediately concede the hope that the bottom or the head of a time to get the people, always get the hot potato bear market down on the way, more money can not win institutions often die than retail investors ugly, small capital no strategy to open positions necessary, do not need to prepare for the unknown market in advance for the coming year do not need to and the main force suffering in the end obvious downtrend, the 20-30 points of a small rally, simply not worth the excitement and participation in something not to do in order to do something for action more is not necessarily a good effect sometimes do nothing, is a best choice do not worry about missed opportunities, good hunters will be good at waiting in the absence of a big opportunity, to be quiet as a stone trading the way lies, patiently waiting for opportunities, patiently waiting for the most favorable risk / reward ratio, patiently mastering opportunities bear. Reward ratio, patiently grasp the opportunity bear market, there are always some institutions, holding other peoples money, even if only a few ten thousandths of hope, but also desperately looking for opportunities to struggle, in order to break out of the trap we are holding their own money, to cherish extra to do not go to blindly measure the bottom, and do not blindly plunge the bottom to know that the bottom and the top, are the easiest to lose big money area when you feel confused, do not make any trading decisions do not need Reluctantly trade, if there is no proper market no chance of winning higher, do not reluctantly enter the market like a battlefield, the money is your soldier in the right direction, in order to calmly put into battle to win first and then seek war, not first war and then seek to win the core of speculation is to try to avoid uncertainty trends, only bet in the obvious upward trend and in a fairly certain action before, and then buy yourself a Insurance (stop-loss level to get rid of out of the game), to prevent their own subjective errors to do transactions, must have the ability to start over twice, including capital, confidence and opportunity you can be defeated by the market, but never be eliminated by the market we came to this market is to make money, but this market is not fully automated ATM six into the market, is to rob those who are always ready to rob you stock speculation is about timing and If you dont know what you are good at, dont take any chances to swim with the crocodile, you need to be cautious when you enter the market to make a deal. You will panic out of the market because of the normal fluctuations, so that only afterwards you find yourself in a very advantageous position you will also be constrained by the time of use of funds, when there is no opportunity to throw in the towel, and ultimately full of losses money management is a strategy, buying and selling stocks is a tactic, the specific price is the battle seven in ten transactions, even if six transactions you failed, but as long as the six transactions of the loss, control In the entire transaction principal 20% loss, the remaining four successful transactions, even with three small gains, to fill the entire transaction principal 20% loss, the remaining one big gain, will make your earnings not low you can not control the direction of the market, so do not need to waste energy and emotions in the situation they can not control do not worry about how the market will change, to worry about how you will take countermeasures in response The changes in the market is not important to judge right or wrong, what is important is when you are right, you get how much profit, when you are wrong, you can afford how much loss before entering, quietly think more, think about how much expertise they have to support their own fight in the market, think about whether their mindset can withstand the ups and downs of the big wind and waves, think about their pockets of limited funds to cope with the infinite The most important factor for success in trading is not in which set of rules you use, but in your self-discipline and time to decide everything. the world

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