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Foreign exchange operations should be consistent with the national exchange rate policy

cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashback forex calculator Onl cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinee is a fairly important factor in fundamental analysis, if you ignore the exchange rate policy, then there is a risk of falling into the blind emotions of the market can not be extricated, cashback forex may even bear unnecessary losses, or missed opportunities for profit a countrys government exchange rate policy, has always been an important factor in the market, the exchange rate fluctuations will bring a subtle impact on the implementation of a country What kind of exchange rate policy, the key to see whether this policy can protect the interests of their own country, or to maximize the interests of their own country, and even to take care of their international relations, so, in a way, the exchange rate policy also belongs to the political side of the content which once again reflects, do foreign exchange can not leave to speak of politics, as if doing stocks to see the same policy factors, but most of the stocks to see the domestic politics, and most of the foreign exchange to see The international politics of how to insight exchange rate policy? Usually, a countrys exchange rate policy is reflected through the following two ways: the simplest, the most obvious is a countrys central bank in the policy communiqué, or policy statement on the countrys exchange rate policy, that is, the official documents, international news often reported; another way is that a countrys senior financial officials, mainly the central bank governor and finance minister, their speeches in international conferences, speeches, through this way to reveal The exchange rate policy revealed through this way will be a little more obscure than the information revealed by the official documents, but more effective and targeted official will implement the exchange rate policy through a variety of ways, when the market movement and the official goal of deviation, the official will intervene, the most common is verbal intervention, the most extreme way is to enter the intervention in foreign exchange operations, we should understand the currency behind what exchange rate policy, in the operation of the We should follow the official policy in the direction of the operation to avoid getting caught in the policy trap and minimize the risk

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