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Foreign exchange operations rational closing skills

grasp the correct buy point cashback forex calculator Online only half of the success, plus the correct cashbackforexprofitcalculator position is completely successful This is the unchanging law of any speculative market, the foreign exchange market is no exception Some foreign exchange friends in foreign exchange analysis is very good, regardless of the fundamentals, technical aspects have their own unique insights, but their operating performance is often less than satisfactory one of the reasons is the timing of closing positions Almost always wrong, either too early to close the position, did not achieve subsequent lucrative profits; or is late to close the position, so that the market finally returned to the starting point of the buying point, or even be trapped visible, grasp the timing of closing the position is very important basic skills high throw cashbackforexcalculatorOnline cashbackforexpipcalculator secondary top closing method investors hope to have a method, a panacea, such as technical analysis of a certain indicator, once the indicator reaches a certain value However, unfortunately, there is no such technical indicator so far. In fact, as long as you do not overly pursue precision, there is certainly a way to do it. The high sell-off method and the sub-top closing method introduced in this issue can be used to close positions correctly, but not precisely. Generally speaking, most investors who use this investment strategy use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis of the currency, such as the golden mean, averages, patterns, etc. to determine a reasonable target price, and then wait for the currency to reach this target price to close the position immediately. Generally speaking, investors who use this closing strategy usually use technical analysis to determine the signs of a top, mainly from the pattern and trend of the currency price trend to determine the specific, is through the double top, head and shoulders, triple top judgment medium-term head established, decisive closing of positions the combination of the two methods better results whether it is a high selling method or secondary top closing method, can achieve quite good investment results in the world many Successful investors and fund managers, are using one of these methods, but no matter which method is used, each has its own shortcomings for the use of the high-selling method of investors, must first master a set of economic fundamentals of the currency country to analyze the method, the target level set by the investor must be higher than its current market price so that unless you really have their own unique in the foreign exchange market If you have a target price, it may be more dangerous to set up a target price, and for the use of the second top to close out the method of investors, it is mainly based on the trend of the exchange rate to judge, and do not determine a target price for themselves beforehand, of course, the shortcomings are also obvious, which requires investors to invest more time and effort to stare at the plate, which is why some people tirelessly study what is the real top, what is the false top, so as not to The author believes that the combination of the two methods will have a better effect, so close the position more rational when the exchange rate reaches the target price set at the beginning of the buy, you should immediately close the position because investors always have their own reasons when setting the target price, and the target level set at the beginning, generally can still be more sensible when the exchange rate continues to rise, most peoples brains start to heat up in order to avoid making mistakes, it is best to Timely close the position after the investor to close the position may also rise in the exchange rate, which can only be said to be an error in judgment, rather than due to the investors feverish mind If the market really has to continue to rise space should have the courage to buy again, but this is a new operation, re-rationalize the target level, and do not be affected by the previous single 

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