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Foreign exchange market transactions of the most dominant 8 currencies

foreign exchange market transactions of the most common currencies are known as the major currencies most of the cashbackforexcalculatorOnl cashback forexe trading relative to the U.S. cashbackforexpipcalculator (USD) for the U.S. dollar (USD) cashback forex calculator Online the most traded currency The other five frequently traded currencies are: the euro (EUR); the yen (JPY); the British pound (GBP); the Australian dollar (AUD) cashbackforexprofitcalculator the Swiss franc (CHF) these six major currencies trading occupy 90% of the global foreign exchange market volume 1. the United States dollar (USD) dollar (currency code: USD;) is the legal tender of the United States of America dollar issuance authority is Congress, the specific issuance business by the Federal Reserve Bank for handling after World War II, continental European countries and the United States agreed to use the dollar for international payments, since then The U.S. dollar is widely used as a reserve currency in countries other than the United States and eventually became the international currency 2.Euro (EUR) Euro (currency code: EUR;) is the currency of the European Union and other 25 countries January 1, 1999 in the implementation of the euro in the European Union countries to implement a unified monetary policy (SingleMonetaryAct), in July 2002 the euro became the euro areas only legal Currency euro by the European Central Bank (EuropeanCentralBank, ECB) and the central banks of the eurozone countries consisting of the European System of Central Banks (European System of CentralBanks, ESCB) is responsible for the management of 3. The Japanese yen is also often used as a reserve currency after the U.S. dollar and the euro 4.GBP (GBP) GBP (currency code: GBP;) is the name of the British national currency and monetary unit GBP is mainly issued by the Bank of England, but there are other issuers most commonly used to indicate the symbol of the pound is £ because the United Kingdom is the worlds first industrialized countries, once dominant in the international financial industry. The British pound was the international settlement business in the valuation of the settlement of the most widely used currency after World War I and World War II, the British economic status has been declining, but for historical reasons, the British financial industry is still very developed, the British pound in foreign exchange transactions settlement also occupies a very high position 5. Australian dollar (AUD) Australian dollar (currency code: AUD;) is the legal tender of the Commonwealth of Australia, issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia Australian dollar in the foreign exchange market, the current volume of transactions for the worlds fifth largest currency in circulation: after the U.S. dollar, euro, yen, pounds sterling, accounting for 6% of the total volume of transactions 6. Swiss franc (CHF) Swiss franc (currency code: CHF;) is the legal tender of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, issued by the Swiss central bank because of the stable development of Switzerland, its own exchange rate changes must depend on the hot money in and out of the situation and The Swiss franc is the king of short term investment 7. Canadian dollar (CAD) Canadian dollar, referred to as the Canadian dollar (currency code: CAD) is the official currency of Canada, issued by the Bank of Canada is responsible for currency 8. Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau and Pitcairn Islands legal tender

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