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Foreign exchange margin trading against the single motivation

Many people cashbackforexcalculatorOnline the margin cashback forex calculator Online will choose to do a single against the market, although th cashbackforexpipcalculator way always cause losses but still every day there are many people willing to fall in this "stone" many times they do a single against the market motivation or reason in the end what is it?  1, afraid to miss the counter-trend rebound money-making opportunities Margin trading to grab the rebound is actually wrong, investors may think cashback forex the opportunity is fleeting, all need to take advantage of the fact that we should know to miss to learn to give up, before the trend is cashbackforexprofitcalculator reversed, do not chase the rebound or retracement, otherwise they will expose themselves to the forefront of risk, counter-trend operations to learn to endure and wait, those who can two-way trading should actively 2, afraid that the trend is reversed, miss the opportunity to turn the trend Frozen three feet is not a days cold, margin trading trend reversal is by no means instantaneous can be completed, just like the forward-moving car, if you want to change into reverse, you must experience deceleration, stop, reverse gear, gradually accelerating reverse, such a process so unless there are clear signs that the trend has reversed, otherwise counter-trend trading The nature of the operation still determines only the bounce ideas 3, greedy cheap Margin trading investors need to be clear that the downtrend never because too much down and suspended, the upward trend will never be too much up and not up to do the bounce must be a signal, after a sharp decline in the rapid oversold rebound, often is not the opportunity we should grasp so foreign exchange trading is not greedy for a moment of cheap 4, greedy heavy position Operation of windfall Margin trading counter-trend trading is very taboo heavy operation, can not reasonably control the position how to do "small losses and big profits" Margin trading against the market to do a single is very undesirable behavior, at least in terms of trading security is not as safe as homeopathic trading to come market experience tells us that the results of counter-trend trading are often failures unless your luck is good enough  

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