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Foreign exchange international master Li Jiawei trading strategy tactics

If you enter the speculative cashbackforexpipcalculator with a gamblers mentality, the speculative market as a cas cashbackforexcalculatorOnlineo, the speculative market has become the worlds largest casino foreign exchange market a single, that cashbackforexprofitcalculator, 100,000 U.S. dollars, compared to the United States Las Vegas casino VIP level gambling code is also large ten single is a million dollars, a hundred single is ten million dollars, many customers or brokers pick up the phone, buy into a hundred, has It is really a phone ring, gold million, cashback forex only a throw of a thous cashback forex calculator Online dollars! The gamblers mentality loss of sanity to produce a gambling mentality there are two kinds of people, one is a gambling addict, they enter the foreign exchange market, they like the foreign exchange market is 24 hours a day trading and from time to time set off the wind and waves 24 hours a day trading can let them immerse themselves in the excitement of gambling, from time to time set off the wind and waves can let them enjoy the thrill of the ups and downs, they need the excitement of tension. They not only enjoy the satisfaction of making profits, but also want to show off their superior intelligence to others. Another reason for the gamblers mentality is that those who enter the market are not sure about the movement of the trend, and they refuse to work hard, their buying and selling is based on luck, they are like betting on the table to decide the direction of buying and selling, they have countless in mind, no strategy in hand if they are lucky enough to buy the right time. They picked up a grain of sugar, more gloating, showing off around when they do wrong, rather than a mistake in the end, but never stop eclipsing the wrong to leave the field, a good heroic attitude of death because of the gamblers mind often lose their sanity, they are even in the wrong market, and constantly difficult to add dead code, hoping that as long as a little back, you can make a tie, the result is deeper and deeper, a store pry up therefore, their mantra is exactly "bet a store", they often hope that a store developed, but they do not think will be a store pry up, never live! Long gambling will lose, if the mindset and method of gambling into the foreign exchange market, the result is also long gambling will lose! Sensible investment cut to quit gambling any speculative market is a battle of wits between buyers and sellers, especially the large market, in addition to having a huge amount of money, but also concentrated in the top level of talent, to collect the sale and purchase of discounts, laying a net, by the night of the dark and windy, or by the wind and waves, or take advantage of the moment of change in the international situation, to launch an attack on the big market once launched, often devastating, swallowed If you gamble on a store mentality against its trend, you will be doomed to death, so in any speculative market trading, you must be calm and sensible, to quit the psychology of luck, eradicate gambling habits cold-eyed inspection of the city, as long as the market launched, immediately follow the trend, regardless of his rise and fall, a big rise in the big buy, big fall in the big sell, take advantage of the wind, take advantage of the moment, stop eclipse stop earning, step by step, with the city to promote, layer by layer to increase the code of the trend is Ride the wind, ride the wind why do you need to predict it? Why bet on a store? The fatal point of gambling a store also lies in the absence of capital management, all the money thrown alone a bet, right then win money, wrong then die, no chance to turn around investment as gambling life, what is the point of this investment? If you will dare to gamble on the courage to enter the market, combined with a mature buying and selling system, in the moment of the market launched boldly into the market, reasonable and orderly with the party, will be able to make a career in the speculative market, that is the real heroes and heroines! Chinese peoples gambling nature is very strong, Hong Kong peoples gambling nature especially, many people simply no gambling is not happy we can not say that the speculative market is full of gamblers, but certainly a lot of often hear the stock market or foreign exchange market before deciding to buy and sell the mantra is "bet a store, bo a bo!" This is the full expression of the gamblers mentality gamblers mentality has turned the investment market into a gambling arena, investment decisions into a gambling decision to take a chance, which also determines their fate is bound to be unfortunate! There is a stock master in the United States invented a set of average price buying and selling method, if he entered the wrong market, buy stocks, he will wait for the stock to fall to a certain percentage of the price, and then buy, so buy all the way until the stock market back, his constant increase in the number of stocks bought, on average, the unit stock entry price is pulled down, so that as long as the stock market back to half of the original decline, he will make a tie, once back up More than half of this, he became a winner, and he did use this method to win billions of dollars Many people look at his wealth to believe in his theory, and as a classic, but also in that the classics of economics to occupy a seat, which is popular in the market today is to add the dead code, the stock market in the average price of buying and selling method is also "amortization", is established Under two premises; one, the investor must have unlimited resources, if the stock market all the way down, he can enter the market to buy an endless stream, until the trend back, if he does not have enough money to support, he can not achieve this plan, if he bought at the top, two or three rounds of money, and the stock market and like the 18,393 from the beginning of 2001 all the way down to 8,000 points, when to turn back. far away, I do not know when to see home if it is a loan trading, he must bear heavy interest, if the stock mortgage plus, he would have been chopped position, the whole army, no money back its second, if the stocks bought bankruptcy, he will be the whole army, into the Titanic, there is no guarantee that the world does not go bankrupt companies, even the largest U.S. energy company Enron and the largest telecommunications company Global Telecom also collapsed, this average price trading method even In the invention of the stock market is not a sure-fire way to win, otherwise, everyone can use it to develop and in the leveraged foreign exchange market, the volatility of the market is magnified by a huge amount, once encountered a big up and down, once the investor into the wrong market, every hundred points of loss is considerable, if you do not immediately stop the eclipse to close the position out of the market, has been in danger if instead of the market to increase, in the foreign exchange market, a single-sided market of three to four thousand points and Not difficult to see, if you two hundred points of space "amortization" plus code once, you will need to add code more than ten times, may not reach the trend of the time to turn, if you accumulate the amount of single code is the original five times, then, the trend of each step to continue, your loss is the original five times, if your code is the original ten times, your loss is the original Ten times in the stock market, if you are not relying on borrowing and buying stocks fortunate enough not to go bankrupt, you can lock up and wait for ten or eight years, your losses are only the book, but in the foreign exchange market, you must call the margin, or will be cut off, and how much money you have enough to keep doubling the expansion of losses? Even if you do not add, the loss will not stop here, if the 92 years of the pound crisis and 99 years of the yen rose, you only use three days five days of time, "amortization" will eat up your life savings, but also a lot of debt, or even forced to die on the street "amortization "is the real plus death code," "amortization" "amortization" is never peace! Stop earning to promote the addition of raw code "amortization" of the greatest harm is that it is in the market after the error, not to immediately correct the error, but to intensify, adhere to the error, increase the error, expand the loss, accelerate the loss, not to exhaustion, out of ammunition, never give up! Once to this point, if the market has not yet turned back, you will have to die of gas! The "leveling" method in the upper and lower market not only does not show its harmful effects, but can often bring people back from the dead, and even turn defeat into victory, and this is where it confuses people, but once you meet the big market, you will be in a different place "leveling" can succeed a hundred times, but certainly not I am strongly opposed to the "spread out" because it is fatal enough! Instead, I advocate the opposite of "flattening" plus dead code "stop earning to advance plus raw code", which has been introduced in the past, this may be introduced again, in order to promote "stop earning to advance plus raw code" Is in the market right after two hundred points of profit, not eager to close the position, but the original single set up 100 points of stop earning plate, and then add code to buy, if the new single error, a loss of 50 points stop loss plate, the old single 100 points of profit can be compensated, but once the trend continues, layers of code, which becomes a chicken and egg, expanding if you can successfully add code 5 times, the trend of every 100 points, the profit will expand 5 times If you can successfully raise the code 10 times, the trend every 100 points, profits will expand 10 times, we are not only winning the market, and will be able to exponentially exceed the market to this point, "leveling" and "stop earning to advance plus raw code", the high and low immediately, a plus dead code. The deeper you step, the more you lose, the quicker you die, the quicker you die, the quicker you die, the more you grow, the more you win, the quicker you send, the quicker you send, the quicker you send, you see, which do you like? The "amortization" is the proverbial "ditch goods", that is, after entering the market, the trend back to buy and sell the will to go backwards, resulting in losses, investors continue to buy and sell against the direction of the original code, the will is to reduce the average price of the previous cost of buying and selling "Amortization" is the same as "lock-up", which is the so-called follow-up remedial tool after entering the wrong market, and is also the most common buying and selling tool used by many people in the market, and its origin comes from the invention of the American stock king, which has also become a classic of economics, but not many However, not many people know that "amortization" is the trick that makes you die quickly in the market! The "lock-up" allows you to die, that is slow death, "amortization" allows you to die quickly, may be considered euthanasia it! In the foreign exchange trading market, often see people use the "figure turn" method, many people in the market after the error, immediately reverse to make the opposite of the previous sale and purchase, such as the original sell the dollar, the dollar does not fall instead of rising, immediately close the sell position, reverse to buy the dollar original buy the dollar, the dollar does not rise instead of falling, immediately close the good position, reverse to sell the dollar so Whenever the big market, the trend of volatility, often hear the "backhand" voice incessantly, "Figure of turn" whether from the classics of economics to the actual market trading, there is a large market, people are by no means unfamiliar with left and right dizzy into the wrong market, immediately close the position, and correct the direction of the new trend into the market to buy and sell, and there is no excuse first of all, investors do the right thing is to enter the market after the wrong, immediately correct, which is the best way to stop the wrong This is a big step forward than those who do not admit their mistakes, a wrong to the end of the market diehard, diehard, because they do not want to give up their wrong opinions, often a big wave, will lose a thousand hundreds of points, or even thousands of points, if coupled with "leveling", "ditch goods", almost a desperate bet, backwater, betting on the life of the family, often become the sea of white bones, turned into a handful of financial markets yellow earth I saw a lot of people, in the use of "figure to "When although they can immediately correct the previous direction of buying and selling, stop the previous losses, but they backhanded, and not complacent, sometimes a successful counter, not only to win back the previous losses, and can follow the trend to win money but more often when they just backhanded successfully, the trend back to the previous direction, so they immediately "figure turn "backhand, so back and forth, buy also lose, sell also lose, left a ba, right a ba, really is not left and right people especially up and down the city, left and right open situation is most likely to appear, when you are scraped by the hand of the market dizzy when the big market launched, unilateral city appeared, but you can no longer afford to play! This is the end of the "figure turn" counterhand, that "figure turn" counterhand in theory how easy to say, in the mouth of experts how wonderful, in the classroom how reasonable, but in the real market, and can not see for how many people brought wealth!

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