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Fixed cashback forex calculator Online cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexcalculatorOnline the exchange rate of a countrys currency cashback forex another countrys currency exchange rate is basically fixed, fixed exchange rate is not the exchange rate is completely fixed, but around a relatively fixed parity of the upper and lower range fluctuations, the range of the highest point called the upper limit, the lowest point called the lower limit when the exchange rate rises or falls to the upper or lower limit, the governments central bank to take measures to make the exchange rate to maintain the same in the early 19th century to The gold standard period from the early 19th century to the 1930s and the international monetary cashbackforexprofitcalculator centered on the U.S. dollar from the Second World War to the early 1970s, all implemented a fixed exchange rate system fixedexchangerate is the symmetry of the floating exchange rate, is under the gold standard system and the Bretton Woods system prevailing exchange rate system, this system provides for the national currency and other countries to maintain a fixed rate between the currencies of other countries, the exchange rate fluctuations can only be limited to A fixed rate, exchange rate fluctuations can only be limited to a certain range, by the official intervention to ensure the stability of the exchange rate According to the Bretton Woods agreement, the member countries of the International Monetary Fund must confirm the U.S. government in 1934 set the official price of $ 35 to 1 ounce of gold the U.S. government to assume the countries at this price to the U.S. dollar gold exchange obligations when the official price of gold by the international financial market speculators Under the Bretton Woods system, the currencies of IMF member countries must maintain a fixed ratio with the U.S. dollar The U.S. government, according to the above gold official price, the gold content of the U.S. dollar is 0.888671 grams of pure gold, the exchange rate of the currencies of member countries to the U.S. dollar according to the gold content of national currencies and the U.S. dollar to determine the fixed ratio, or directly with the U.S. dollar fixed ratio But shall not easily change the exchange rate fluctuations should be maintained in the fixed ratio of the upper and lower 1% If the currency gold content changes more than 1%, must be approved by the International Monetary Fund Bretton Woods system of double peg, so that the dollar is equivalent to gold, national currencies only through the dollar can be associated with gold, thus establishing the dollar in the international monetary system of the central position in this monetary system Under this monetary system, all countries in the capitalist world use the dollar as the main means of international payment, many countries also use the dollar as the main foreign exchange reserves, some even use the dollar as a reserve for issuing currency Therefore, the post-war international monetary system is actually a dollar standard system Such as the post-World War II dollar-centered fixed exchange rate system, the official ratio of the currencies of the member countries of the International Monetary Fund against the dollar is parity, the member countries Currency exchange rate can only fluctuate 1% above and below parity, the central bank to intervene Advantages (1) conducive to stable economic development (2) conducive to international trade, international credit and international investment of economic agents for cost and profit accounting, to avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations Disadvantages (1) the exchange rate basically can not play a role in regulating the balance of payments economic leverage  (2) to maintain a fixed exchange rate system will destroy Internal economic balance such as a countrys balance of payments deficit, the exchange rate of the local currency will fall, becoming a soft currency, in order not to devalue the local currency, it is necessary to adopt a tight monetary policy or fiscal policy, but this will make the domestic economic growth is suppressed, unemployment increased (3) caused by the international exchange rate system of turmoil and chaos Southeast Asias currency financial crisis is an example of exchange rate related knowledge what is the exchange rate system fixed exchange rate system floating exchange rate Fixed exchange rate, floating exchange rate advantages and disadvantages of the comparison of what is the exchange rate? Foreign exchange floating exchange rate and the definition and characteristics of the fixed exchange rate

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