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Fairness in forex investing

Why forex trad cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg cashback forex calculator Online fair? Why forex trading is free? How much leverage is available? Why should I look back at my trading history? How to control the number of operations? How to stop loss cashbackforexcalculatorOnline position increase? Foreign exchange trading is fair, what you seek, what you get in the end is what the following details, may help you (all the EUR/USD currency pair as a depiction of the object) ① free cashback forexm  foreign exchange trading is too free, want to buy at any time to buy, want to sell at any time to sell, a good platform is also very reliable, there are no restrictions on individual investors, no matter how much money you put in, a minute on the Can deal, slippage (fees, spreads) is rarely too free environment, but you need to have a clear motivation to make money this motivation is only superficial, just so you feel good only in the absolutely free environment, the outside worlds cage is gone, life is free, yet always in chains so, also please draw a circle around yourself, honestly stay in the circle, if the circle is you with blood If this circle is drawn with your blood, is engraved on your heart brand, then you do cashbackforexpipcalculator need "self-discipline freedom" slogan to motivate their own ② leverage here is the actual use of leverage, is the trading platform to you set the leverage, such as 100, multiplied by the proportion of each transaction you use, such as 1/25 even if you can use high leverage in Start to earn a lot of money, once you have accumulated, definitely not dare to invest most of the money I am trying to go a long way in this road of investment, any long-term ineffective behavior, I am not interested, you 10 times a month, 100 times a year, I do not envy ③ pursuit the same conditions, the same environment, the same starting point, in their different pursuits, the curve of life will soon deviate from the final I hope to see you here, put down your hands, spend more time, find your true pursuit everyone is different, looking for it it is your unfinished business, but also your evil in this life, no matter how much energy and time spent looking for it is worth ④trading records In the trading industry, the only language is trading records  Always remember, if a trading career is important to you, you really want to take root here, rather than dry out this game on the golden pot, also always look at your trading record, learn from it, it is your best mentor Your trading record determines who you are  You may not know yourself, want to know yourself, look at the trading record, review to do, can be frequent, and The most important thing is to know who you are and where you are walking now, and only if you know your past can you make the present free from its traps.5 Theory You have to find your own theory, and this theory cannot be pieced together from various books if you have read a lot about the "way of trading". If youve read a lot of books about the "way of trading", dont continue to wallow in it, your own road still needs to walk out with your feet over and over again, usually on paper more drawings, time will certainly be rewarded we humans in the maze of language, really vulnerable, words can make money, words can save people, words can also kill people, let people crazy, let people lost together ⑥ If not necessary, do not operate   operation process please be sure to simple in the premise of ensuring a reasonable return, such as not necessary, do not increase the number of operations, you think about doing which case of the trend does not increase the non-essential buy, do not increase the non-essential sell, do not increase the number of non-essential escape operation minimum principle, you can avoid a lot of mistakes, so that the success rate of your operation will be high A lot of success rate is very important, not only to ensure that you get a reasonable return, but also will not let you in the hands and feet, after the loss of trying to make up for the loss, immediately after the win want to go, more importantly, it will let you become patient, patient to slowly accumulate their own intuition on the graph of this intuition and patience is very precious, do not lose a lot because of small and you operate frequently, it seems that you can make " The difference between theory and practice is that you can never adhere to the principle of "profit maximization", but rather "operation minimization" (7) stop loss and position increase & nbsp nbsp; stop loss do not make it too complicated, I have tried a lot of messy methods, most of the logic is the occurrence of situation A, the stop-loss program into B, looks very high-end, just looks like it, with a very messy, and the mess is a very bad state, because you most just harvest the money, or a one-time  but the intuition and patience of the graph, this lifetime valuable The things that you are not getting suggested stop loss settings to simply set up a fixed ratio according to the cycle of their operation and what they can afford Do not add positions to buy how many, sell how many decisions to determine a sale or purchase or sell buy is a closed circle, to go through symmetrically do not buy with the time to sell, the operation cycle is not symmetrical, the number is not symmetrical, even the principle of access is not symmetrical because of this, you will run out early, only to already have a lot of profit space, but because of the continuous increase in positions, resulting in the trend no matter what position adjustment, you are afraid   because the profit space is compressed by your increase in positions, so you have been on edge this is the reason you do not have patience foreign exchange investment, few people do long term investment, basically a complete operation cycle lasts a month About, two months or less, do not add positions so short a time, you can not be patient to wait for it to go away, a little profit all day long thinking about adding positions most of the time the reason given or: be the market to prove that they are right, we must dare to add positions to get excess returns you really have not been the market to prove that it is right, you just at that moment the profit is just, after the addition and subtraction of the result is so simple, you so-called "Right", in the foreign exchange market at any time can be "wrong" back, the foreign exchange market is not interested in proving that you are right or wrong when you are ready to enter the foreign exchange market, you must choose a good foreign exchange platform! The foreign exchange market is a worldwide market, all in a relatively fair environment to invest in foreign exchange trading buy and sell, free trade, no time and place restrictions on the use of leverage, do not gamble often look at the transaction record, is a review of their own learning to invest, but also to help better understand their own in the case of not necessary, do not increase the number of transactions, stop loss settings to be simple, according to their ability to bear to determine, and do not rush to increase positions

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