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Examples of the impact of unexpected events on the foreign exchange market

exchange rate fluctuations are ma cashbackforexprofitcalculatorly affected by economic cashback forex calculator Online policy, but in the short term, there are other factors that affect, among them, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline cashbackforexpipcalculator and speculative trading cashback forex through the impact of short-term market investment psychology and judgment on the foreign exchange market. Once heard such a view that foreign exchange investment does not require much analysis and preparation, as long as waiting for unexpected events to enter the market to buy and sell on This is actually a wrong view, and the main reason for the formation of this view is because of a one-sided view of the impact of unexpected events on the market unexpected events: as the name implies, is in the unpredictable and sudden occurrence of events unexpected events on the market impact is often very huge major unexpected events will occur on the foreign exchange market psychological bring sudden impact, drive the market violent fluctuations If after the event can Quickly grasp the market trend and follow up operations, indeed, you can get good results, but unexpected events due to its own characteristics, there are the following shortcomings: 1, unpredictability: unexpected events can not be foreseen, so it is impossible to know when to occur, and even more impossible to predict the possible impact, so waiting for the unexpected events to operate is unrealistic 2, information lag: the occurrence of unexpected events is often very sudden, as Ordinary investors it is difficult for us to obtain information and information in a short period of time, often waiting for us to understand the situation, the exchange rate has fluctuated significantly Therefore, our attitude towards unexpected events is to take precautions and quickly follow up 3, because of the existence of suddenness, so in the case of unanticipated, must be strictly in accordance with the operating plan, pay attention to set a good stop loss, to prevent sudden events after the trend of intense changes may cause serious losses  4, in the event of rapid judgment of the market trend, follow up the direction of the operation Take the United States 9/11 incident as an example: September 11, 2001 at about 8:30 a.m. U.S. time, two planes in 18 minutes have crashed into the U.S. economy and financial industry symbol of the World Trade Center building in New York soon after a third plane crashed into the U.S. Pentagon, the political center of Capitol Hill was also attacked by car which is This was the first serious terrorist attack on U.S. soil, the World Trade Center buildings collapsed an hour after the impact, killing thousands of people The world was shocked after the incident, the dollar was sold across the board, this sudden event brought about by the panic selling was the dominant factor in the market at the time, economic and technical factors were ignored by the market From the situation of the yen at the time, the yen was in a stable above 120, the yen was in the United States. The event caused USD/JPY to fall sharply to 118.50, and at a very rapid pace, followed by repeated pressure on the dollar, and the yen once rebounded to test 115.50

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