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Establish forex trading discipline and strictly comply with the implementation of discipline

forex cashbackforexprofitcalculator d cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinecipline suitable for a variety of terms of trading, whether it is medium cashback forex calculator Online long term single or short term single success must rely on forex trading discipline (short term or ultra-short term is speculative speaking is tactical, medium and long term single is investment speaking is strategic) wait for the right time to trade cashback forex cashbackforexpipcalculator over trade honestly, their own established trading discipline themselves and to strictly implement the discipline. This kind of person is not much, is very difficult to do as a forex trader you can think about these few questions: 1, do I follow the discipline? 2, do I do a good job to prepare before entering the market? 3, do I do a good job and comply with the trading rules and trading plan? 4, is not often make the same mistakes? 5, whether every single do records, every single have a summary, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual summary? These 5 questions you have done? In the ever-changing market, a successful investor to prevent changes in human psychology through forex trading discipline to temporarily produce bad decisions for most investors, pre-entry discipline, mainly on the timing of entry and other aspects of the qualification, familiarity, clarity, standardization, volatility is missing 1, with the trend, do trend clear market, do not do the trend of uncertainty market trading excessive light time not to enter or light positions into positions, never overnight, for example: large continuous holidays in the West, especially during Christmas 2, time period: only operate 15-minute chart and 15-minute chart above the level of trading opportunities, other opportunities to give up the daily chart and daily chart above the time level, must find the entry signal on the hourly chart before trading 3, buy and sell points: willing to buy the point, should also be short-sellers Willing to cover the point, and vice versa, the transaction is a continuous price level of high and low, not the basis for buying and selling generally only consider the risk-reward ratio of 1:1.5 or more trading opportunities, such as a stop loss of 30 points, profit is expected to be more than 50 points 4, homeopathic trading: do not buy and sell against the market, unless the judgment is about to turn 5, any transaction, including at least the entry price, stop loss price, target price, position control 4 The basic elements, and try to make changes in the plan 6, such as holding a position with floating losses, then generally no longer open a new position, counter-trend to increase the position no more than once or after the emergence of more than a substantial loss, no longer add positions initially planned to increase positions excluded   then, the possibility of error in the temporary decisions arising from the entry is greater only in the entry before making adequate preparatory work to reduce the entry Risk 1, strict stop-loss: After placing a single, be sure to simultaneously place a stop-loss level, to asphalt, for example: stop loss of 30-40 points, if you can not control, do not do a stop-loss single irrevocable, and follow a principle, generally only narrow the stop-loss range, do not feel free to expand the stop-loss single operation stop loss, control the total amount of funds in 5% – 10% or less after a transaction stop loss, generally a short time Not in the transaction 2, to protect profits: asphalt, for example: if a transaction floating profit ever reached more than 40 points, the expected market does not seem to have ended, should take profits to close part of the position, the other part of the moving stop loss, to ensure that the minimum risk, harvest more gains 3, the principle of adding code: if the previous single is not profitable, generally do not add code, plus then only once, 20 points To generally do not add code within the code should be placed after the breakthrough consolidation area can not be in the capital k-line pulling big yang when the code 4, maintain patience: If you under the basis of the single, simply because of impatience, can not wait that long, you will sooner or later be cleaned up by the market if the trend goes very healthy, continue to hold until the trend weakens 5, strict implementation of the same time level trading plan such as based on the hourly chart made The operation, not alone because of the 15-minute chart appear short term bad signs and rashly change the plan to leave the field must have clear rules, that is, clear rules for closing positions 6, short term counter-trend single entry, if there is a loss, not due to any signal change for the medium-term position short term counter-trend trading positions, held overnight not more than 3 days Summary, in fact, to put it bluntly, a lot of trading strategies and techniques people are familiar with, and even backwards. Even backwards and forwards, what with the trend, to set a stop loss, when the opportunity to decide and so on why there are so many people lose money? The key is whether to comply with forex trading discipline once you develop good trading habits, will benefit greatly in your trading career  

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