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  Emotion Indicator [BR cashbackforexcalculatorOnline] cashbackforexpipcalculator also known as Popularity Willingness Indicator, its abbreviation can also be expressed as ARBR consists of two indicators, Popularity Indicator [AR] cashback forex calculator Online Willingness Indicator [BR] AR indicator and BR indicator are both technical indicators to analyze historical stock cashbackforexprofitcalculators AR indicator is a technical indicator to reflect the current situation of the market, the development of long and short sides power comparison results it is based on the current days opening price and the current days highest price to compare the strength of the BR indicator is also to reflect the current situation of long and short sides power struggle results. It is calculated by a fixed formula based on the opening price of the day and the highest price of the day, and the strength and weakness of the indicator is calculated by a fixed formula. The philosophy of eastern gas, the extreme of gas is decay, the extreme of decay is prosperity, is our Chinese taiji yin and yang cycle of reasoning, stock market sentiment, but also the Yang is decay, Yin is strong reasoning, played to the fullest, BRAR is derived from this layer of reasoning, if the reader can not see BRAR from this perspective, it is difficult to penetrate the connotation of BRAR indicator BR is a kind of emotional indicators, to use the western When people are swarming to buy stocks, the market is flooded with good news, large and small, newspapers and magazines are reporting the economic growth rate has risen sharply, in a flash, the future seems bright, at this time, you should leave the market resolutely. On the contrary, when the masses have been disappointed with the market, the market is a bearish sound, you should resolutely enter the market to undertake AR silently. Because the opening price is the stockholders after a night of calm thinking, the common tacit agreement of a reasonable price, then, from the opening price upward to the highest price of the day, each beyond a price will lose a point of energy when the AR value rises to a certain limit, on behalf of energy has been exhausted, the lack of force to push up the stock price, will soon face a reversal of the crisis on the contrary, the stock price from the opening after This is an invisible potential that may burst out at any time at the right time (1) AR indicator calculation method AR indicator is a technical indicator that reflects the popularity of buying and selling in the market by comparing the opening price of a period in the price of the period. Calculation period for the day for example, the formula is: N days AR = N days in the sum of [H - O] divided by N days in the sum of [O - L] where H is the highest price, L is the lowest price, O is the opening price, N is the set time parameters, the general original parameters set to 26 days (2) BR indicator calculation method BR indicator is a technical indicator that reflects the degree of market willingness to buy and sell by comparing the position of the closing price in the price fluctuation of a period of time. N is the set time parameter, generally the original parameter day is set to 26 days and other indicators, due to the different calculation period, AR and BR indicators include daily AR and BR indicators, weekly AR and BR indicators, monthly AR and BR indicators, annual AR and BR indicators and minute AR and BR indicators, etc. In addition, with the development of stock market software analysis technology, investors only need to master the basic principle and calculation method of AR and BR formation, and do not need to calculate the value of the indicator. BRAR application 1. In general, AR indicator can be used alone, BR indicator needs to be used with AR indicator in order to be effective. The indicator is not suitable to capture the big bottom, but the flexible use of the indicator can catch the local bottom, especially suitable for rebound 2. BR>AR, then turn to BR<AR, you can also buy 4. AR and BR at the same time rising sharply, means the stock price is near the top, the holder should sell at high 5. Formula overview ① long strength = todays highest price - yesterdays closing price ② short strength = yesterdays closing price - todays lowest price if ① and ②≤0, then all recorded as 0 ③ total strength of the long = 26 days of the sum of the long force ④ total strength of the short = 26 days of the sum of the short force ⑤ BR = (③& pide;④)100 ① Upward thrust = todays high - todays open ② Downward gravity = todays open - todays low ③ Thrust sum = 26 days of upward thrust sum ④ Gravity sum = 26 days of downward gravity sum ⑤ AR = (③&pide;④)100 Ex-dividend does not affect the AR calculation data. so no adjustment is necessary

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