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Unbelievable Simple Forex Trading Strategy No Indicators

You may be wondering if it is possible to earn money from forex trading without indicators. The truth is that it can be done. Basically, you need to use volatility during the week and 30-50 points in either direction on either pair. The rules are simple, and it s easy to do.

The key to a simple Forex trading strategy is to use price action to make your trade decisions, and use indicators only when necessary. You won t miss the indicators, and you ll have fewer calculations. It will be much easier to trade, and you will have the confidence to be more accurate. Using price action can help you identify the best time to enter and exit your positions.

How to Use an Expert Advisor to Increase Your Forex Profitsnother important factor to linux mtu setting is to set a large stop loss. Depending on the time frame you re trading, you may want to use a simple moving average. When the price goes above the moving average, you ll want to buy, while if it drops below it, you ll want to sell. If you re trading higher time frames, you ll want to set a larger stop loss.

Another simple indicator to keep an eye on is the volume of a currency pair. This is important for recognizing support and resistance areas in price charts. Once you know the level of resistance in a pair, you can make a sale or a buy if you have no open positions.

Moving averages are a popular indicator for Forex trading. Justin Bennett uses them to determine the mean. Moving averages are great at pinpointing exact turning points and long term trends. It is the best indicator for identifying a currency pair s direction without a lot of work. This indicator is also free from trademark restrictions.

In addition to identifying trends, candlestick patterns can be used to spot reversals and continuations. A spinning top pattern is a common reversal, but it can also mean a continuation or a temporary stall. While it is important to remember that these patterns are just parts of the price story.

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