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Drift cashbackforexpipcalculator: single in a state of cashbackforexprofitcalculator, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline timely stop loss or close positions, allowed to cashback forex, holding a fluke waiting for the market to turn back Th cashback forex calculator Online is the first big account killer, more powerful than a heavy position killer Lock single (lock loss single): do more (short) a single currency pair in a state of loss, while doing short (do more) a single currency pair, the loss will be locked in a certain amount If a single loss, feel that the market will When it becomes unfavorable to you, you must stop loss or close the position, never drift single or lock single Why, Ill analyze the reasons First, lets talk about the harm of drift single to do a loss single to let a single drift is generally a kind of disavowal of the psychology of the loss in the domination of your some people do not like to see their trading history account single on the negative single, once done wrong drift single, have to wait until the positive number to close the position, the results of a drift drift hundreds of points, very scary can drift Back is luck, can not turn back to float into a windfall, it is also necessary to accept and very normal things if every time you do wrong are used to floating single, as long as there is a chance to float large will be a windfall foreign exchange market every year there are one to two thousand points above the market, and the concept of buying low and throwing high influence the participants are used to do a few hundred points of volatility of the oscillating market That is, people who are used to floating single often in a year will experience one to two on the Thousands of points of the drift single opportunity, and not necessarily back to try to think, you have more than the household, can not drift storm! Maybe you drift back, the single finally from negative to positive, first, you may not do foreign exchange long enough, has not experienced the big market situation if you continue to drift so, your account in the foreign exchange market basically live more than half a year a load Second, even if you are lucky drift back, you earn? No, you are in the most suitable place to build a position to make big money account has been in the midst of the storm, the best opportunity to make money with you, you missed the best account doubling opportunity a year on the best opportunity to make big money once or twice, missed, you have to wait for next year how much time you can wait? You can only watch others make money part of this kind of thing how painful, only you understand Drift single also produces another major harm: as long as you have a loss single drift, it is easy to use emotions to fight the market, which is very detrimental to the transaction Take an example: you in an important key resistance near a short position, which would have been right, but the currency market is unpredictable, the market suddenly broke through the key resistance level, you did not Timely stop loss, so that a short single in a loss state floating important key resistance once broken, the resistance level is transformed into a strong support level, we can no longer bearish market, but should be in the back to try the original resistance is now the support level to do more but because you have a loss state in the original resistance level below the short single floating, you will always think, now so high, should fall, right, I have a loss single Should have the opportunity to come out of it as a result you not only missed several opportunities to build more positions to make big money, and may also continue to add positions in the above to do short, hoping and you that loss single can come out to earn some, the results are wrong on the wrong, loss on the loss Now we change a way of thinking: if you timely the loss single small loss stop loss, and then see the opportunity to do single, the stop loss loss is nothing, stop loss is you sometimes accidentally Do the wrong thing, admit your mistake in time, and then continue to do the right thing, then you the person is still correct you learn through a set of scientific and systematic approach to correct stop loss, sometimes stop loss is hit is not your fault, but the probability of the problem, this stop loss is actually helping you capture more opportunities to make money We do foreign exchange trading is like being a hunter, sometimes stop loss is hit, as if you take a gun to hit rabbits is not possible Sometimes a shot did not hit, waste a bullet even, do not continue to waste other bullets should be timely to keep the other bullets loaded, continue to wait for another more fat rabbit appeared, looking for the opportunity to strike again Finally, still have to return to the basic point, the flexible use of trading principles above all, do wrong timely stop loss is your trading account security belt direction, position, entry level and stop loss The four principles are combined into one, if the stop loss is frequently hit, you have to consider whether it is because of the direction, volume and entry level is not good enough, and do not simply give up the stop loss that everything is fine Well, you now say, I do not drift single, I lock single total line it and so the market run to the head and then unlock, but also to fill a position, that is not earn a lot of it Oh, the idea is very good, but so far I have not seen the drift single who has achieved want The idea of flattening out the winning single to load money into their pockets will prompt you to keep unlocking and then locking, eventually evolving into a lock 50 points into a lock 100 points, 100 points into 200 points, 200 points into a lock 500 points how much can be locked, depending on how big you are and how big the single side of the run finally more in the ceiling, empty on the floor, into a two-headed set, into a waste account, through all kinds of torment, or stormed off, the money left It is better to directly violent position to stay more may not admit that you will do so, you said you can patiently wait for the market to go to the head before unlocking, which is a self-deceiving idea the key to the problem is, where is the head of the market ah! If you are a miracle, can calculate where is the head, you do not already close the position to do the opposite hand, earn a fortune?!

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