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Chaos trading method and five bullets

1, cons cashbackforexprofitcalculatortent profit plan trading, when trading, to have a plan, cashback forex calculator Online set the airbag (stop loss) and five bullets 2, signal judgment (five bullets) is no more than the form, indicators, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline and cashbackforexpipcalculators (1) indicator divergence: according to the cashback forex indicator divergence, to determine the wave of the vegetation (2) the measurement of the wave amplitude (3) form: generate fractal pattern, bottom (4) in the fractal pattern, the emergence of hibernation signal, this signal is similar to the volume of stagnation or volume does not fall (5) momentum to produce a shift, similar to macd signal As the five bullets, (1), (4), (5) are involved in the MFI indicator MFI (MarketFacilitationIndex) - market Facilitation Index: MFI = price range / volume = (maximum price - minimum price) / volume indicates that the price jumps per unit corresponds to the average amount of change, the authors intention is: in practice, is to find the MFI is relatively large period of time to trade so that is not much volume leads to rapid price fluctuations on the basis of the MFI and then processing consistent profit-taking method 5 / 34 / 5 MACD: both take the MFIs 5 period average and 34 period average difference as the oscillator, and then the oscillator moving average as a signal line: written into the formula that: MFI: = (HIGH-LOW)/VOL; OSC: = MA (MFI,5) - MA (MFI,34), COLORSTICK; MACD: MA (OSC,5)  This kinetic indicator has the following functions: 1, to help determine the third wave of the bee; 2, to determine the end of the fourth wave; or the fourth wave of the minimum conditions have been met; 3, to determine the end of the trend and the top of the fifth wave; 4, to show the direction of momentum, indicating the long and short signals 5/34/5MACD kinetic indicator in the five bullets, the fifth bullet is it And the first bullet is also with the help of it, to determine the characteristics of the wave (2) the measurement range of the wave: the second wave is often between 0.38 and 0.62 times the first wave, the third wave is often between 1.00 and 1.62 times the first wave, and the second wave is often between 0.38 and 0.62 times the first wave. The fourth wave is usually between 0.38 and 0.50 times the third wave. The fifth wave is often 0.62 to 1.00 times the price difference between the beginning of the first wave and the end of the third wave. The specific then combined with the five bullets in the small level wave shape to identify, for example, to know the daily wave, we must use the five bullets in the time division to determine (3) the top or The bottom of the fractal fractal text definition: in a fractal, before and after the emergence of at least two bars, their highest price are lower (up fractal), or their lowest price are higher (down fractal) constitute a fractal bars can be shared (see Figure B on the left), if the highest price of a bar is equal to the highest price in the middle, it is not recorded in the five branches (the fifth left D chart does not record (4) in the bottom (top) of the three bars (K lines), at least the emergence of hibernation signal hibernation signal: a day volume than the previous trading day more than 10%, while the MFI shows a decrease in the consistent profit window: green light: volume (+) / MFI (+); recession: volume (-) / MFI ( (-); camouflage: volume (-) / MFI (+); hibernation: volume (+) / MFI (-); volume (+) means 10% greater than the previous day volume (-) means 10% less than the previous day Finally, traders are divided into five classes: 1.  1, beginners; OHLC (open, high, low, closing price), volume, MFI, consistency window and airbag 2, advanced: Elliott Wave and fractal 3, competent: trading partners and plan trading 4, refiners: know the difference between the left brain, right brain, brain marrow command, trading with personal belief system 5, experts: trading with their own state of mind

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