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By the trend line to determine the time to buy (a)

      Stock cashback forexvestment with the trend cashbackforexprofitcalculator very important, this potential is the trend cashbackforexpipcalculator the trend is divided into short-term, medium and long-term limit trend, how to judge and grasp the shift in these trends has become the core of investor concern or investors want to turn in a downtrend into an uptrend when Buy stocks, and hope that the uptrend into a downtrend out of the stock then how to distinguish between short-term, cashback forex calculator On cashbackforexcalculatorOnline or long-term trend changes? The use of trend lines is undoubtedly one of the most simple and effective method, and a straight line to break into the stock market is the importance of the line and the practicality of the highly summarized below, we will introduce the use of the line to determine the short-term, medium-term and long-term buying time method  1, short-term downward trend line breakthrough is a short term buy time   In the medium-term decline trend, the stock price mainly to fall, the highs and lows are constantly moving down but, when the stock market falls after a period of time will often produce a rebound, if properly grasped, this rebound will also have considerable gains, and grasp this medium-term downtrend in the short term buy time, we can use the short-term downtrend line that the stock price upward breakthrough of the short-term downtrend line is a short term buy time    nbsp;In the medium-term uptrend, the stock price mainly to rise, the high and low points are constantly improving but sometimes, the stock price in the rapid rise after a period, will also enter a short-term downward adjustment, when the stock price will be suppressed by a short-term downward trend line, and when the stock price breaks through the short-term downward trend line, indicating that the short-term adjustment is over, the stock price will enter a new stage of rise, at this time also Become a new buying time in the medium-term uptrend   The medium-term trend of the stock price, in addition to the medium-term up and down trend, there is a medium-term horizontal consolidation trend, that is, the stock price in a certain price range for the medium-term box fluctuations at this time, we can also use the short-term trend line to determine this box fluctuations in the short term buying time  Analysis of the short-term downtrend line nbsp; Analysis and operation essentials   (1) short-term trend, we will define it as a trend formed by several days to 20 trading days of stock price fluctuations Therefore, the short-term trend line is also composed of several days to 20 trading days of stock price fluctuations of the obvious high or low point Generally speaking, the medium-term downtrend in the short-term downtrend is longer, rebound or short-term uptrend is shorter, while the medium-term uptrend in the short-term uptrend is longer, the adjustment time is shorter   (2) in the medium-term downtrend to do the rebound, should be based on the long short short, that is, fast in and fast out, and once the rebound is confirmed to end, especially when the stock price then creates a new low to continue to fall, whether profit or loss, should be immediately out of the Bureau therefore, in the medium-term downtrend to grab the rebound, Stop-loss level is very important to set up   (3) in the medium-term uptrend, should be held mainly, even if the sale should be part of or temporary, when the end of the adjustment, especially when the stock price upward breakthrough short-term downtrend line should be instantly back even to have the courage to catch up, because the rise has not yet ended, the new rise has begun   (4) for medium-term to the finishing trend in the operation, do not blindly in the box top chase up or in the box bottom kill and, before the effective upward breakthrough should not be heavy positions, effective downward break must stop loss  2, medium-term downtrend line upward breakthrough is the best time to buy    stock investment or speculation how to get the largest possible gains? Short-term, medium-term or long-term, different investors may have different answers, but one thing I believe that most investors will agree that no matter what stocks do swing market or intermediate market is the majority of investors favored intermediate market is both easier to judge and as much as possible to obtain a more lei earnings operation method; short term operation is very tempting, but the need for investors with reliable sources of information, a wealth of Although the short term operation is very tempting, but investors need to have reliable sources of information, a wealth of experience and a good sense of the market, the general investors are more difficult to do; long term it, stock selection is very important and to have full patience, and generally close to the market investors to do this is not easy, therefore, the author has always been the main medium-term investment to seek to obtain the largest possible profits So, how to effectively and reliably determine the intermediate market? The medium-term trend line undoubtedly provides us with very important help   When a round of medium-term upward market into a continuous decline, and the decline is larger and longer after the stock price volume upward breakthrough by the medium-term downtrend in the two obvious highs even into the downtrend line, often indicates the end of the medium-term downtrend of the stock, and will turn into a medium-term uptrend The best time to buy the natural medium-term, how long after the rise or fall from where it is possible to rise back to where any one stock we can use the medium-term downtrend line to find the best time to buy it in the medium term  Analysis and operation essentials   (1) here we will define the medium-term trend for more than 20 trading days to 120 trading days, that is, within six months of the trend, therefore, in the period of the downtrend line or medium-term uptrend line is formed by more than 20 trading days to 120 trading days of the stock price operation of the obvious high or low point connected to the trend line   (2) downtrend, downward trend line breakthrough is the end of the downtrend and turn into a medium-term uptrend signal, but also Is the actual operation of the very important time to buy   (3) medium-term downtrend line breakthrough should be the volume of enlarged cooperation, the trend of reliability will be higher, the market will be more space otherwise, the medium-term downtrend line even after the breakthrough stock prices may still run horizontally and not immediately start the upward market Therefore, the same breakthrough in the medium-term downtrend line of the stock (4) the use of medium-term downtrend line to determine the timing of buying the biggest trouble is the slope of the downtrend line sometimes changes that the front of a medium-term downtrend line breakthrough is only a short rebound, and then continue to fall more than, when the original medium-term downtrend line will need to be amended, it will be replaced by a new medium-term This situation occurs mainly for two reasons, namely, the decline in stock prices and time is not enough, and the former into the rise in magnitude and time has not formed a symmetry, the stock price upward breakthrough of the downtrend line when the volume is not with the situation, when the stock price to a new low should be stopped out of the wait and see, and then wait for the opportunity

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