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Become a rational forex trader

The idea cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexcalculatorOnline fluctuations are irrational, but forex cashback forex should be rational cashback forex calculator Online a household word, but it is easy to know but difficult to implement, and many forex traders often work against this conclusion in practice. A forex trader who believes that the market should be rational uses some rational trading strategy (the trend line for example) to trade assuming that the strategy has performed well until now, and if, for once, the price actually moves against the strategy, the forex trader is surprised that the trend line is not there? Shouldnt the market rally right here? And in the forex trader is still torn, the exchange rate has again to go down forex traders use rational strategies to trade the market, and that the market is also rational, there are rules to follow so the result is that when the forex trader from the bottom of his heart that the market is rational, then if the actual trend of the exchange rate is contrary to expectations, forex traders are likely to stubbornly believe that this is only short-term market fluctuations, that By thinking that the market is rational, forex traders tend to become emotional when the market does not run according to forex traders expectations, then, often forex traders will begin to make such low-level mistakes as adding positions against the trend, not setting a stop loss, etc., and finally have to face the account loss In fact, when forex traders trade, they must remember Never put too much emphasis on each basis point of gain or loss, the success or failure of each transaction each transaction should be put in a good frame of mind, clearly understand that each transaction is only a part of thousands of unusual transactions successful trading is more the pursuit of the total account capital into three back two forward, rather than a flight to the sky when you strive to do every transaction perfect, only mediocre loss, which is the trading A part of another common fallacy if the higher the winning rate of the trading strategy, then the better the strategy In fact, some of the best strategies for trading win rate is only 4050% More important is how much to win when trading for profit, how much to lose when the loss will be part of the transaction, and the use of the appropriate bar ratio, so that the long-term trading results are more secure  ;More learning foreign exchange - foreign exchange basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange questions and answers, please visit: foreign exchange learning section 

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