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Boursorama Convertisseur De Devises - What Are the Best Features of Boursorama?

If you have decided to change your currency, Boursorama is one of the best options. Despite the fact that it is an online bank, Boursorama offers more than just a card to exchange currencies. It also offers travel cards like the Ultim and Max.

Boursorama s currency converter offers more than 150 currencies and offers real-time exchange rates. It also offers free withdrawals and deposits in Euros. You can even convert devises from other currencies. This feature is especially helpful if you need to send or receive money regularly in foreign currencies.

Another good feature of Boursorama is their Visa Premier card, which offers free foreign currency payments and withdrawals. However, you must earn at least 1 800 euros net per month to qualify for this card. The application process isn t very systematic, but you can get a free Visa Premium card after meeting certain income requirements.

While the fees of Boursorama s currency conversion are low, the charges are still high best forex broker metatrader 4 to traditional banks. The bank charges 1% of the foreign currency value, but this fee is low compared to traditional banks. Moreover, Boursorama does not charge fixed fees but instead charges variable fees.

Another great feature of Boursorama is its account opening process. The whole process is carried out online. You just have to fill out an online form and validate your inscription. Then, you need to deposit a minimum of 300 euros in your account. You can also add funds to your account using automatic payments.

If you frequently transfer international funds, you might want to consider opening a multi-devise account. This way, you will avoid paying high bank fees and be able to transfer funds freely between multiple accounts. In addition, you ll also benefit from preferential rates for international payments. This is especially useful for paying foreign bills and traveling frequently.

Another great feature is the convenience of managing multiple currencies in a single account. It makes currency conversions much easier and less complicated than before. Moreover, if you re planning on living abroad, you might want to consider opening a multi-devises account.

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