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Bad character does not become a good trader

Bad character does not become a good trader or vice versa, most good traders have good character Simply put, the markets rewards cashback forex calculator Onl cashbackforexpipcalculatore pun cashbackforexprofitcalculatorhments cashbackforexcalculatorOnline magnified by leverage and trading, so the market will use the money multiplier to reward "good character", such as humility, self-discipline, bravery, patience, calm, etc.; at the same cashback forex, the market will also double the punishment of "bad character", such as greed, fear, impulsiveness, impatience, arrogance, laziness, etc., can be in the trading of evil. hard work, patience, calm, etc.; at the same time, the market will also double the punishment of "bad character", such as greed, fear, impulsiveness, impetuous, arrogance, laziness, etc., can bear bad fruit in the transaction results are the external reaction of the traders character in fact, in the real economy, "good character In fact, in the real economy, "good character" will also get positive energy, "bad character" will also get negative energy, only the time cycle is not leveraged to accelerate it although the same rich people, they are different from the second generation of rich people, their wealth is their own fight out, so they know how to manage money very know how to spend within their means, they are able to harness the wealth of the real rich What is more important is that their personal character will slowly bring spiritual wealth, and spiritual wealth will eventually bring more material wealth. In short, this is a group of people with virtue, talent and wealth, they are the best choice for dating, and are also potential golden tortoise sons-in-law because they can persist in the market for many years and not give up halfway, which means they have persistence and perseverance, and they are bound to be devoted to their families; They can survive in the market for a long time, not eliminated in the ups and downs, indicating that they are mature and stable, able to withstand the storm; they know the laws of the economy, good at managing money, and have the ability to provide strong economic security for the family; at the same time, because the speculative market requires a high degree of concentration, so traders are very precious time, will spend most of their energy and time in tracking the market, rarely will go outside the gold and paper, is The sixth national futures competition champion Feng Chengyi said he is dedicated, must and love to grow old, and even do futures are only to do copper this one species, it is clear that his focus and determination. It is evident that its focus and determination Shanghai He Jun is really from 10,000 to 100 million people, he is so focused on trading that he does not hear about things outside the window, and even said that in his next life to do futures will not get married! Such a dedicated person, how can go to the red and green circle of people know that these are in fact common to the futures securities longevity, and not just a case does not just rely on the accumulation of knowledge and analytical ability, trading experience and money management is far from all, and having a good character is the most important factor indispensable trading truths are often very simple and plain, it objectively requires people to be pure in heart and mind it It strengthens the good aspects of human nature, weakening the evil aspects of human nature, character problems will eventually be eliminated, so we see that most of the successful people are of good character a person because of the good quality of direct monetary rewards, will inadvertently strengthen their good quality, so it can make the good character of people continue to sublimate at the same time to correct their own minor problems, and thus become more and more integrity of a persons character and connotation is good, in In real life, it takes a long time to verify, but in the market, the verification time is very fast, even in a flash. The phrase "character determines fate" can be directly verified by success or failure in trading, and it is a present time, much faster than the Buddhist saying that the present time report, the religious saying of heaven and hell, traders can immediately experience, at any time Verification

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