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UPS Billing Analysis Tool Technical Support

The UPS Billing Analysis Tool is a useful tool for analyzing shipping expenses. It accepts CSV formnasdaq bonds list files from UPS and can generate an array of reports. The tool is also capable of integrating billing data from multiple accounts into company systems. Users can customize reports, create multiple accounts, and integrate the data into other systems.

To begin, users must gather information from their most recent invoice within 45 days. This includes the invoice number, amount due, and date. This information can be found in the top right corner of the invoice. This information is also available under the Invoice tab of the software. Once they enter the information, they will see that each invoice includes a summary and a detailed invoice. If they want to view all invoices at once, they must use the dropdown menu.

Users can also download 52 weeks of past invoices at a time using the Archive History feature. Users can also set up automatic payments for any invoice. Additionally, they can choose a one-time payment method to pay multiple invoices at once. These features make the UPS Billing Analysis Tool an invaluable tool for any business.

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