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As a trader the first thing you should see through is the profit and loss

trend, cashbackforexprofitcalculator all the r cashback forex calculator Onl cashback forexee cashbackforexcalculatorOnline fall are called trends can not only tend, no potential to take three steps, two steps back, not called trends only have the energy and strength of the tend, can be called a trend to have operational value market is alive; there is self-growth, self-repair instincts first ah, must make their own inner strength a stone thrown in a basin Water and thrown in a sea, the splash it stirred up is as big is the impact of some things on us is inevitable, whether it is profit or loss, their impact on our mindset is certain but if you are just a basin of water that small ripples on your impact is also very large if you are a sea? Not to mention a stone even a stone on your impact is minimal so, must let yourself become that sea cashbackforexpipcalculator think many peoples practice is problematic, their pursuit is not to let that stone splash, mind like water I think they are wrong the purpose of practice is to make that basin of water into that sea this is very important I was on the mountain when the master criticized me "You young people, too impetuous" I was not convinced "Master, if I have your kind of money, I can also be as stable as a mountain, even I have 10 million can calm down, I now have no money to run for a living, where can calm down" Master said "wrong, not you earn 10 million can calm down, but you only calm down to earn the 10 million", I had an epiphany Kun Gua said thick virtue, this sentence is very correct how much wealth a person can have depends on his virtue to carry you a little virtue is not really given to you 10 million is estimated that you will soon go wrong Just like a person with a weak spleen and stomach you give him a lot of abalone and sea cucumber, he will not only not be able to supplement the nutrition but also eat a whole lot of problems, he can not transport and transform the wave of gold bull market in 2010 I achieved good results, at that time is also dejected can not hundreds of people in a large company as investment director, management of dozens of traders at that time some people around has been made unlike the results, and soon suffered a waterloo, not only the particles, I also ate the lawsuit, was bailed for two years, almost jail people really strong is from your inner strength, not how much wealth you have many people to see this thing backwards if you are not strong enough inside these wealth will become your burden like many people account in the profit when the pressure is greater like you last short pounds in fact because your Inner heart is not strong enough to carry the master said "how much you have in your life, God will not owe you, belong to you will eventually give you, the reason why the original suddenly broke the contract is not willing to give you, because God has the virtue of good life, afraid to give you, will kill you" you are strong inside, calm enough you can look at everything in the world with peace of mind, you can make the most objective and most consistent with the facts. You can make the most objective and most factual decisions to earn that 10 million, he is just a natural result, profit is just a by-product whenever and wherever, do not forget this sentence as a trader, you should first see through the profit and loss they are both originally false things, but many people are turned upside down because of them when you float your mind began to change, on the one hand, you want to earn more On the one hand, you want to earn more, and on the other hand, you are afraid of losing money when you have a floating loss. Is the loss also bitter, earn also bitter your purpose of trading is for what? Isnt it to make your life better? But in the end, what? Regardless of the profit and loss brought you endless pain then why do you want to do trading again? I once had a period of trading into a bottleneck, that is, trading not to lose money, but always unable to make money I was the main method of operation is to do breakthrough distress for a long time and then introduced to visit a master I explained the situation, he gave me a speech to me inspired me a lot of spring birth summer long autumn harvest winter hide, do breakthrough is spring birth, so do go in after must wait patiently for him to grow up and I, often Fear of false breakthroughs or fear of retraction, see some profits in time to stop the profit to do breakthroughs success rate is very general, the result in the end to lose and earn account is difficult to have a breakthrough I made the mistake of harvesting the seedlings just as soon as he came out actually should have let him grow into a big tree I believe that many people are still making this mistake to a beautiful thing nipped in the bud This is the failure of many people to do transactions The reason why the ancients said spring do not kill, because everything just began to grow even if someone commits the crime of murder is also asked to beheaded after the autumn I Ching 54th trigram is Lei Ze to sister there is a line Di B to sister meaning that the emperor spring to marry his sister Why is the spring married it, I think the ancients began to get pregnant after marriage, just so the fetus can follow the birth of the gas to thrive of course this is just my personal assumptions in short it is to emphasize I later developed a habit of operation, that is, in the market just breakthrough within a certain range is not to stop profit, so today I want to tell you is to do the first point of the breakthrough is not easy to stop profit before saying that our cognitive ability is very limited, which means that the vast majority of our cases are making mistakes in the face of the market, our only choice is to Honestly admit that the cost of mistakes is our losses people want to hold the sand in their hands because you came to this market is to win unfortunately to win is a very low realm, at least much lower than the realm of defeat to see through is very important to see through in order to resign to fate, resign to fate in order to accept peace of mind in the mountains and the teacher to discuss these tigers were knocked off and asked him the mystery of immortality he said to me In this market we must learn to be a good person stop-loss principle to be divided into three kinds of the first theoretical basis is the theory of falsification, which is the philosopher Karl Poppers doctrine Karl Popper is Soross spiritual mentor this doctrine in simple terms, that is, in the For example, a market after a long shakeout finally broke out upwards, I followed up a long single this time I assume he will appear a level of trend, so I set a stop loss waiting for the market to grow and this stop is my point of recognition if he broke through my stop loss then the market is proven wrong, I out if the market did not break through my If the market does not break my stop loss, then my assumptions are right, and I hold until the next mistake point appears This stop-loss method is more suitable for medium and long term trend trading system As a trend follower, there is no better way than to wait patiently, especially after the spring dialed the seeds do not assume that winter will come immediately to wait patiently and firmly believe that the first to come must be summer Forex Academy Tips: The rest of the article The rest of the article needs to be logged in to continue reading! 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