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6 Little Known Trading Habits of Successful Traders (above)

Successful cashbackforexpipcalculator think cashback forex calculator Online act very differently from those who are average traders Now, well d cashbackforexprofitcalculatorcuss some of the differences between winners and losers See how they think, how they act, and what they do every day If youre always doing what youve always done, then youll get what you want Then the question arises, do you Where are you trading now? Are you successful? If youre not happy with your trading performance, then its time to do something different than youve ever done before Then well discuss some habits of successful traders cashbackforexcalculatorOnline will put you on the path to profitable trading Think like a hedge fund, regardless of cashback forex size/ Actually, the size of your account is irrelevant, its a lesson that many traders have learned over time in the market In any case, if you cant successfully trade a $1,000 account, you wont successfully trade a $10,000 or $100,000 account either, so the size of the account is irrelevant but account size does magnify your returns and a large account size can change your life faster than a small account size because the profits can obviously be larger than the position you are trading but until you can Before you can comfortably trade a larger account, you have to start with a smaller account Successful traders always think like hedge funds, they are always thinking about not spending themselves for quick money, but by trading right so that they can make money fast and accurate taking advantage of herd behavior/  "trading herd" is The goal of any trader is to move from a herd of cattle to a herd of cattle that is the opposite of the herd, or a "shepherd" who leads the herd, knowing that the same herd will eventually lose money and you certainly dont want to be part of them. --Fear not new highs or sell new lows Although great traders are contrarian thinkers, sometimes following a huge market move can be a contrarian act because everyone else is betting on that move Many times a strong trend will emerge in the market and unsuccessful traders will continue to bet on that trend Many times the market will take a strong trend and unsuccessful traders will continue to bet on that trend simply because they have come up with reasons why they "cant continue" - looking for the other side of the herd The obvious and most common contrarian trade is to go into a crowded section and need to downplay this behavior Most people make the market wrong and so will Jump to the other side and either blindly look for a level or confirm entry by a price action signal Dont trade all day/ The biggest reason successful traders are rarely day traders is that it is much harder to make money as a day trader than other traders Many successful traders hold positions for days or even weeks in the market Making investments for profit This is in contrast to traders who enter and exit multiple times a day trying to make small gains from each trade Because we know that this is the most important and profitable time frame to trade, we focus on the daily chart time frame as a position trader I personally spend most of my time on the daily chart, the second is weekly, the third is 4 hours, and occasionally I look at 1 hour, but never down this 

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