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3% per month steady! The core points and experience summary of super light position brush single must kill!

Sometimes, trading cashback forex calculator Online like eating a stifling loss, a good situation will turn to passive money, the inner splendor like flowers, if you are well, it is sunny, makeup is always appropriate to lose money, only feel suffocated, on the Emei retreat cultivation is also useless in forex trading, cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculator thing, there is cashback forexhing difficult, but the brush is not good, like the weather in Shanghai, not only mist after mist, but also suffocating panic. The first is that the brush single can make money steadily, which has been a lot of practice, has a stable income, suitable for large capital operation, the model can be replicated, the retraction is very small and so on. The second, large stop loss, small take profit is worth considering the ideal position management strategy   Third, strict control of the number of times to add positions, while to control the total position, is to prevent the brush single out of the risk of the most important consideration point   Fourth, sleepy, brush single this thing stay up the most meaningless state of poor and tired, will certainly largely affect the ultra-short term Trading efficiency and cause runaway risk Fifth, 1 cashbackforexcalculatorOnline,000 U.S. dollars, each time under 0.01 lots, 0.02 lots, 0.03 lots, eight single opening rule, a month to make more than 3% performance, daily net worth and comprehensive income are up, many investors can do Specific subdivision is as follows: Brush single in the end there is no profit? Able to become a trading model?  Brush single and do net worth is the two basic modes of forex trading profits brush single rely on the volume of transactions to calculate the commission, assuming that the net worth does not retract, the commission is the net profit so, do the full number of required lots, you can reach the profitability standard In fact, this is a very ideal trading model Brush single can become a stable and profitable trading model brush single is also divided into two basic models, one is brush Net worth, a brush commission   brush net worth, is the constant accumulation of tiny net worth profits; brush commission, is to do the volume of transactions, rely on rebates to make money, to net worth does not retract as the basic principle   brush single stable profit secret   brush hundreds of thousands of single down, only through their own experience to tell you, brush single stable profit secret only one: ultra-light position   Ultralight position does not mean no profit on the contrary, because of the high frequency of transactions, account retracement is very small, the net value can continue to climb in small steps, the volume of transactions to accumulate considerable, brush single transaction profits to reach more than 15% per month steady According to experience, 10,000 U.S. dollars, only do Europe and the United States, pound U.S., Australia and the United States, the four varieties of U.S. and Japan, the number of transactions per day is not limited in such a scenario, in accordance with the usual trading practices, the bottom position More than 0.06 lots small editors can not guarantee that the daily can be profitable That is to say, for a similar senior traders, 0.06 lots have become ultra-short term trading break-even point of course, here 0.06 lots, can deal with 200 points level of extreme reversal of the big market, the account retracement will not be a lot it can make your account most of the time retracement rarely rarely more than 2%  nbsp;I want to control the account retracement as much as possible within 1%, how to control the position of the brush single?  To make the account retracement as much as possible to control within a comfortable range of 1%, the bottom position within 0.03 hands is necessary to give the solution is that 0.01 hands, 0.02 hands, 0.03 hands position mix  In different positions of support resistance, open different positions for example, the support is strong, open 0.03 hands, the middle trend open 0.02, and so on   nbsp; ultra light position brush single transaction set stop loss? Large stop loss, small stop gain, is the ideal position management strategy for fast short term brush single I do not like to set a stop loss in the super light position 10,000 dollars account, I under 0.01 hand Europe and the United States, never consider the issue of stop loss Of course, it is prudent, I still recommend that you set a large stop loss, small profit Large stop loss, small stop gain, is I think in the super light position fast brush single important position Management way big stop loss, you can set 100 points stop loss, are formal, rarely will deal small stop gain, often deal, I like to set 10 points, or 20 points, or even 5 points of stop gain this according to your preferences For me, my single are to profit and exit or, set single add positions, and then add positions to liberate the set order group Martin add positions ? open positions? Consider too much 0.01 hand, set 10 points, then add 0.01 hand, then set, in add 0.01 hand the fact is this Adding a position is not necessarily in accordance with equal spacing, but according to the strength of the support resistance to Ultra light position brush single risk appears in which?  Staying up late hurts, hurts the body is not good at staying up late investors, the night or go to bed early to rest ultra-light position brush single, there is a great benefit, is the trading cycle is fast, high frequency, fast in and out, the position is extremely light, are intra-day transactions, the night empty all orders, peace of mind to sleep a good night Brush single biggest risk is to make confusion Confusion from the transaction is not rigorous, the main problem is to arbitrarily enlarge the position said good under 0.01 lots, but you always get lucky under 0.1 lots is not impossible, will also make money most of the time, the problem is in a flash enough to forego so, think about under 0.01 lots, must not under 0.1 lots no matter how deep the temptation, how safe the market looks trading market, the storm clouds sophistry, careful makes a million years boat ultra-light position, let people plug On the wings of safety Never forget the basic principle of ultra-light position to do this, the brush single transaction will be very profitable, the transaction will be very stable

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