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SmartNews Android App Review

One of the best news aggregation apps around is SmartNews. It"s free to download, offers a mobile app and desktop app, and delivers breaking news from more than 300 top news publications. The app is available in over 150 countries, including the USA, UK, and Australia. In addition to local news, SmartNews also provides national and international headlines. You can choose which stories you want to read, filter them by category, and even set up a personalized news feed. If you"re an Android or iOS user, you can"t go wrong.

SmartNews is the first of its kind, and is backed by some pretty big names. Its marquee marquees include former deputy director of national intelligence Cliff Sims, a former White House aide named Taylor Budowich, and the team behind Telegraph Creative. As of this writing, SmartNews boasts 50 million registered users in 150 countries. It is also the top-grossing news aggregation app in the Apple App Store. MxM"s other partners include the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned, and a slew of other media conglomerates.

For a start, the app is easy to use. It"s free and has a few pre-selected categories you can filter by. For example, you can choose to read about sports, entertainment, business, technology, and more. It"s also easy to share your favorite stories with friends and family. There"s a handy menu icon at the bottom left of the screen, which allows you to set up custom display settings. Also, the app carries a few other nifty bits, like a social media share button and a news catcher feature, which lets you follow the news of your choosing.

The app"s main function is delivering breaking news from the most trusted news sources in your local area. This is made possible through the app"s partnership with a number of national and regional newspapers and news outlets, all of which have signed on as sponsors of the app. In addition, MxM is a sponsor of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, two of the most influential news organizations in the country. Aside from these two mainstream publications, you can also follow the news of more than a dozen local and regional media outlets.

The app is free to download, but if you"re a big news junkie, you may be better off splurging for a premium subscription. While you"re at it, you might as well take advantage of the free content available through the MxM network. Hopefully, you"re already a subscriber to other reputable news outlets, or at least have a news-loving friend or relative in the know. Having a reliable source of up to the minute news is a must. Otherwise, you"ll be constantly wondering what"s happening in your community. Luckily, the app"s smart recommendations are designed to do the legwork for you. Moreover, it"s a breeze to use, and will make you a better informed citizen. And, it"s a lot of fun. Probably the best part of using the app is that you"ll never have to miss out on the latest news.

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